Lady Day's Audra McDonald, Outstanding Actress in a Play
at 2014 Awards. Click HERE for more Barry Gordin photos. 

Voting Rights: Bryan Cranston and All the Way win at
2014 Drama Desk Awards. Click HERE for all winners. 

Twenty-time Drama Desk nominee
costume designer William Ivey Long

Drama Desk's Having a Ball! Invitations on the way
to 2014 Award Nominees. Click HERE for list.
(Photo: Barry Gordin)

 "Why Shakespeare...?" Sullivan, Pennington, Taymor, Shepherd, and Glover told all. (Photo: Aubrey Reuben)

From Our Desks

John Istel continues a series of interviews with Drama Desk Award recipients whose work has returned to a New York City stage this season.

"A muse of fire" lit up the Eugenia Room, as Charles Wright recounts, for Drama Desk's panel, "Why Shakespeare? Why Now?" 

William Wolf reports on Drama Desk's February panel featuring a bevy of press agents talking shop.

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