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The Great Beyond: An Off- & Off-Off Broadway Preview

Edward Karam reminds us that much of each season’s theatrical magic occurs away from Time Square in dazzling Off- and Off-Off Broadway productions. Here are a few of Karam’s highlights.

In a Broadway season that promises to be memorable—four Shakespeare productions, when one is a rarity—it’s possible to overlook the vast riches to be found Off- and Off-Off-Broadway.

Rising Projections: Drama Desk's Newest Award

Bob Cashill Looks Behind the Slides

Projections are now an essential part of the theatrical landscape. We’ve been seeing them all season, used in different ways—as a backdrop to a seamy New York in Lucky Guy, as a playground for Bill Irwin and a mini-Bill Irwin to romp in Old Hats, as a tapestry for empowerment in Emotional Creature, and as a comic fantasia for P.S. Jones and the Frozen City. Courtesy of the Drama Desk, they’re now part of the theatrical awards arena, too.