“Theater writing boot camp” may sound like a contradictory – or even confusing – description to some, but it’s exactly what the National Critics Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center is. It’s intensely artistic, extremely strenuous, endlessly challenging and … Continue reading “O’Neill”

Hooray for Hair

At this season’s Drama Desk Award ceremony, Mia Neal’s assured coiffures for Shuffle Along took home the first-ever honor for Outstanding Wig and Hair Design. Cathy Hammer teases out the story. Designer Mia Neal felt “beyond appreciative” when she won … Continue reading “Hooray for Hair”

Tender Shepherd

As award-winning biographer David Kaufman savors the publication of Some Enchanted Evenings: The Glittering Life and Times of Mary Martin, Isa Goldberg gets the author to tell all. David Kaufman should be singing “I’ve Gotta Crow.” After all, the Drama Desk board … Continue reading “Tender Shepherd”

Resurrection Story

Drama Desk filled Sardi’s for a panel moderated by Robin Milling discussing the triumphs and tribulations of “Reviving the Revival.” John Istel reports. Like a comic superhero in a blockbuster film franchise, new productions of beloved musicals and classic plays never die. Why? That … Continue reading “Resurrection Story”